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Powerpoint Presentations

The slides used by keynote speakers for their presentations are available (converted to PDF) here.

Symbiotic System as a New Social Infrastructure Based on Intelligent Interaction Among the Society, Human Beings, and Information Systems
Speaker: Prof. Keiji Yamada
PDF (3.0 MB) .. open ..

Knowledge Sharing in Enterprise Networks
Speaker: Dr. Peter Schütt
PDF (2.1 MB) .. open ..

Growing Together: Opening the Way for Comprehensive Public-Private Knowledge Management
Speaker: Dr. Ansgar Bernardi
PDF (4.0 MB) .. open ..

(Meta-) Modeling of Process-Oriented Information Systems
Speaker: Prof.Dr. Ulrich Reimer
PDF (3.0 MB) .. open ..

15th Annual
KES Conference
Kaiserslautern, Germany
12-14 September 2011